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When Carl Lockhart rekindles a friendship with Jessica, his high-school crush, he soon forms an easy-going relationship with her 15-year-old daughter, Rianna.
Until the moment she kisses him.

Taken aback, Carl rejects her advances, but despite his reluctance to admit it, Rianna’s right when she points out he has feelings for her that go far beyond friendship.

With a grudge against Carl and a taste for all things pure, Carl’s boss, Stephen, views Rianna as an irresistible opportunity. Delighted to shower her with the affection she craves, he systematically seduces her, tormenting Carl and cunningly driving a wedge between them.

Consumed by his fear of losing Rianna, Carl becomes increasingly possessive. When Rianna witnesses his aggression toward Stephen, she quickly concludes that spending time with Stephen is a great way to make Carl jealous.

However, Rianna's playing a dangerous game, pushing Carl and Stephen to the brink until they’re forced to expose their devastating dark secrets.

The Devils' Cradle

These Hands

Lucas Daniel was born with the power to heal. But it’s not a gift, instead it’s a life sentence filled with isolation and loneliness, leaving him starved of the love and affection he yearns for.

During his secluded childhood, he defies his mother’s over-protective rules and tries to befriend Kelsey, the new girl next door. But she thinks he’s a freak and wants nothing to do with him … until she accidentally discovers his secret. They soon form an inseparable bond, sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.

Until a devastating event leaves Kelsey’s life hanging in the balance. Lucas does everything he can to save her but leaves her face scarred for life. Believing his secret has been exposed, his mother whisks him away and changes their identities.

Now a reclusive country veterinarian, he’s managed to keep his secret for decades. But when Kelsey moves to the same rural town, he just might get everything he's ever wanted, and everything he's ever feared.


Beneath the surface of Nina Holt’s perfect marriage lurks a life of terror inflicted upon her by her politically powerful husband Michael and his brother Greg, a sadistic detective. For over a decade they have managed to keep Nina prisoner, using her to satisfy their every whim.


Worse still, the only light in her life - her nine-year-old son, Sam - considers Michael a hero. When Sam imitates Michael’s violence by lashing out at her, Nina knows it’s time to escape before Sam truly turns into the monster Michael is grooming him to become.


After crashing her car in her haste to escape, kind motorist Case Herder offers her help. Unaware that he has his own plans for her, Nina accepts, igniting a deadly game of cat and mouse as they flee across Tasmania with Sam.


As Michael and Greg relentlessly hunt them down to Cradle Mountain, Nina finds herself with nowhere left to run. Cornered, she has no choice but to face evil head-on.





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